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What is is a project made by gamblers for gamblers.

Our site was created in 2016 with the main idea to help people get a better inventory.

Right here everyone can try his luck and get awesome skins.

Currently CSGOLama is a part of Jeel0 Holding (established in 2015).

Being a part of the Holding is a huge achievement for us, we are trying to not lose our present status and will do everything we can to improve the site.

How do I send coins to people??

To send coins use the chat command "/send [steam64id] [amount]".

For example, to send 100 coins to steam64id 76561198160884702 you'd type "/send 76561198160884702 100".".

Alternatively right click the person's avatar in chat and select "Send coins.

To find your steam64id you can use sites like

For transfer you should bet more then 200.000 coins real coins.

How do referrals work?

Redeeming a referral code grants you 5.000 test coins(can be converted to real coins).

Please note that before your first deposit, you are playing with free test coins. For 50,000 test coins bet, you can claim 500 real coins.

These coins will be credited to you after your first deposit.

All unclaimed test coins will be cleared from your balance.

Your balance is considered real after 1 deposit

How can i withdraw skins?

For withdraw you should have more then 1 deposit on site.

You should bet more then 15.000 coins on roulette.

Your wager should be bigger than the amount of the displayed item.

How do I generate a referral code?

To generate your own referral code please visit the profile page located here. My Profile.

I accepted the trade offer but never got coins!?

After accepting the trade offer you must wait a few minutes and click to "Get Coins"

*I have problems on the site and I did not find a solution to my problem*

In that case, you must write us an email with an explanation of the situation

Our e-mail:

Terms of Service

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You are also agreeing to our Terms of Service as well as its future modifications and you are responsible for compliance with any applicable laws. These Terms of Service govern your use of this website.

Use of our services is at your own risk. CSGOLama, its owners and affiliates should / will never be held liable for any individualís profits / loss gained on CSGOLama.

CSGOLama and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any missed bets or loss of virtual credits.

CSGOLama reserves the right to remove any user from our website without and for any reason.

By participating on this website you agree that you are always playing at your own risk with full acknowledgement of the terms of service. Variation to these Terms of Service are able to be revised and edited by CSGOLama at any time.